A610 Certification

SemahTronix received IPC-A-610E-2010 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies certification allowing SemahTronix to solder electronic cable assemblies and harnesses. The IPC-A-610E-2010 is the most widely used electronics assembly standard published by the IPC. With 20 different languages, it has an international reputation illustrating industry accepted workmanship criteria and high reliability for electronic assemblies. The IEC (International Electronic Commission) is in the process of endorsing IPC-A-610 as the globally preferred international acceptance standard for wiring assemblies.

Additional SemahTronix certifications added include IPC J-STD-001, ESD S20.20 and Lockheed Martin. With these additional certifications our customers are assured that we are committed to meeting all their requirements, handling high level assemblies, PCB’s or other sensitive electronic devices, with full ESD compliance.