Newport Facility

The facility manufactures various assemblies for many customers and works closely with the SemahTronix main facility in Flippin to manage quality and customer satisfaction. The Newport facility received its ISO Certification in 2007.

Production Equipment (partial list)
Megomat ASM 3001
4 AMP Strippers/Crimpers
3 AMP G Presses
6 AMP K Presses
AMP Tapetronics
Schleuniger Wire Cut/Strip Machine
2 Panduit Tie Lock Installers
9 Schleuniger Wire Strippers
Various IDC Crimp Machines: AMP, Molex, etc.
Various Crimp Dies: AMP, JST, Hirose, Hollingsworth, Berg, T&B, Molex, Deutsch, Positronics, etc.

Test Equipment
4 Cirris Testers
2 Hipot Testers
Cable Scanners
Capacitance Tester
Digital VOM
Digital Crimp Height Micrometer
Tensile Strength Tester
Numerous specially-designed inspection, measuring, and testing devices

Radio Frequency Equipment
2MP 8015 Strippers


SemahTronix, LLC
476 West Industrial Park Road
PO Box 310
Flippin, Arkansas 72634