Value Added Services

Value Added Services

With our expertise, we can assist you in the specifications, optimum manufacturing and realization of your product. We have a staff that can support your efforts in supply chain management, design support, and fast prototyping of your product. We have environmental testing capabilities. We have internal capabilities to design and fabricate custom high and low pressure overmolding. 

Capabilities & Characteristics
- Supply-chain management
- Lean manufacturing support
- Applications engineering design support
- Dedicated team for fast prototyping, new product introduction, and first article production

E3.series: Electrical Wiring, Control systems and Fluid Engineering Software- Zuken
E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics that SemahTronix has recently added to the engineering department. The out-of-the-box solution includes schematic (for circuit and fluid diagrams), cable (for advanced electrical and fluid design), panel (for cabinet and panel layout), and formboard (for 1:1 wiring harness manufacturing drawings). Integrated with MCAD, E3.series is a complete design engineering solution from concept through physical realization and manufacturing output.

  • Cable Design
  • Control Systems/ Panels
  • Detect Tolerance Violations
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Installation and Maintenance

Harness Builder for E3. Series supports SemahTronix in the custom wire & cable harness market

This E3.series integrated module is designed to be used by harness manufacturers, such as SemahTronix for the accurate quotation/estimate and full creation of form board documentation.
SemahTronix can now easily create their harness documentation from drawings and/or a wire list in a short amount of time. Data sheets can be easily added to documentation. Pricing information, lead time and assembly time can also be calculated automatically.

  • Highlight wires from connection row
  • Disable Wire table pin by class
  • Cut mark and strip
  • Wire table display colors
  • Advanced wire table settings
  • Test machines


2D Printing
2d Printing

Design and Engineering Services
Design And Engineering Services

In-House Tooling
In-house Tooling


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